Computer Science

About the course

Computer science is the discipline that seeks to build a scientific foundation for such topics as computer design, computer programming, information processing, algorithmic solutions of problems, and the algorithmic process itself. It provides the underpinnings for today's computer applications as well as the foundations for tomorrow's computing infrastructure.

This course is a broad study of computer systems, including the hardware that makes up the devices, the software programs executed by the machine, and the data managed and manipulated by both. Computing systems can be divided into layers, and our organization of this course follows those layers from the inside out.

The general goals of this course are:

  • To give you a solid, broad understanding of how a computing system works.
  • To develop an appreciation for and understanding of the evolution of modern computing systems.
  • To give you enough information about computing so that you can decide whether you wish to pursue the subject further.

So, we would like you to have a thorough knowledge of how computer systems work, where they are now, and where they may go in the future. For this reason, we examine both systems and applications.

You may continue to study computer science in depth and contribute to the future of computing systems. Or you may continue in becoming an application specialist within other disciplines, using the computer as a tool. Whatever your future holds, given how prevalent computing systems are, a fundamental knowledge of how they work is imperative.

Course Syllabus

Week One
The Big Picture
Week Four
Gates and Circuits
Week Five
Computing Components
Week Six
Low-Level Programming Languages and Pseudocode (as a way to write algorithms)
Week Seven
Problem Solving and Algorithms (The problem-solving process as it relates to both humans and computers)
Week Eight
Abtract Data Types and Subprograms (Lists, sorted lists, stacks, queues, binary search trees, graphs)
Week Nine
Object-Oriented Design and High-Level Programming Languages
Week Ten
Operating Systems
Week Eleven
File Systems and Directories
Week Twelve
Information Systems
Week Thirteen
Artificial Intelligence
Week Fourteen
Simulation, Graphics, Gaming, and Other Applications
Week Fifteen
Week Sixteen
The World Wide Web
week Seventeen
Computer Security
Week Eighteen
Theory and Limitations of Computing

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